Spider-Man To Join Marvel’s Cinematic Universe

Sony Studios today confirmed that the planned Sony reboot of ‘Spider-Man’ will be a joint venture with Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. The new Spider-Man is set to appear in a Marvel film next year, before getting his own stand-alone movie the following year. This means Spider-Man is very likely to be part of The Avengers line-up for the ‘Infinity Wars’ double header in 2018/19. The bad news however, is that Andrew Garfield is almost definitely not going to be playing the role of Peter Parker for Sony. Read more here.




  1. […] to Marvel, Sony are pushing ahead with plans for a Venom spin-off movie. It was presumed that with Spider-Man leaving the studio to join the Avengers, that the proposed Venom project would be scrapped, but Sony have confirmed that they will release […]


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