Idris Elba To Play Star Trek Villain

At the end of last week, the Trekkie rumour mill went into overdrive as word spread that Idris Elba was being lined up to play the villain in next year’s third instalment of the Star Trek franchise. As fans got excited by this news, the guessing game began as to just which bad guy Elba might portray. Naturally, the possibility of a Klingon appearance had tongues wagging, but now co-writer for the latest film Simon Pegg has quashed these rumours.

Pegg claimed that whilst the Klingons may finally take centre stage, Idris Elba would not be taking on such a role. This is the same Simon Pegg who said that Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan would not be a villain in the previous film, so forgive us for not abandoning all hope just yet. Star Trek 3 is set for release early July 2016.

Written by Jakob Lewis Barnes