Ralph Set To Wreck-It Again

More franchises, more sequels, but will it be more of the same? Who cares! ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ fans will be happy to know that John C. Reilly has confirmed that he is on board for ‘Wreck-It Ralph 2’. Speaking last weekend at¬†Galway Film Fleadh, Reilly let¬†the cat out of the bag. No official release¬†has been announced by Disney,¬†but there is plenty of speculation about the latest 3-D¬†computer animated sequel.¬†

Rich Moore made his directing debut with the first ‘Wreck-It’ film and has hinted at some of the possible plot scenarios for the second film, including cameos from Mario and Tron.¬†Sarah Silverman is expected¬†to once again¬†lend her vocal chords¬†for Ralph’s pintsize¬†friend,¬†Venellope von Schweetz. Fans will just have to wait for more¬†official release info, but in the meantime “don’t close your eyes…”

Written by Wan Tyszkiewicz

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