Ryan Gosling Added To Blade Runner Sequel

In its time, ‘Blade Runner’ (1982) was a film that achieved cult film status, and is now found on every university film module in the world. Based on the book ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ by sci-fi writing genius Philip K. Dick, this film is a classic – fact. It may seem dated and irrelevant through a 21st Century lens, but it was and still is a dystopian tale about the future that in its time mattered.

I admire Ridley Scott. If a product has his name next to it then I’m gonna watch it whatever it is. Likewise his brother, Tony Scott (sadly now deceased). The list of award nominated films and series to their names is long and in the main prestigious.

So it comes only as a small surprise that ‘Blade Runner 2’ is in the works, with Ridley Scott producing but not directing. That challenge will be going to Denis Villeneuve (‘Prisoners’ and ‘Sicario’). Scott has admitted that Harrison Ford will be appearing in ‘Blade Runner 2’ but it looks like man-wonder Ryan Gosling is going to occupy the lead role. That totally makes sense considering Gosling’s louche and enigmatic screen presence and an unreadable quality that just might work in the role of protagonist or even antagonist in this much anticipated sequel.

Written by Wan Tyszkiewicz