The Dark Tower Adaptation Adds Star Power

We all know Stephen King writes up one hell of a story. And those stories more often than not, become films, and the films are pretty damn good too. I mean, the best film of all time (according to IMDb’s top 250), ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, is an adaptation of a King story, so hopes are high for the latest of his books to get the green light for a film deal – ‘The Dark Tower’.

If the idea of a Stephen King story alone doesn’t get you excited, then how about we throw in Idris Elba AND Matthew McConaughey in the lead roles too? Now we’ve got your attention! The two actors were announced to be joining the project last week, and even started up a little Twitter bromance to celebrate their impending collaboration.

Rumour has it, Aaron Paul is also being eyed for a role in ‘The Dark Tower’; pretty formidable cast building there. Are you excited for this project? What do you think of the casting choices? Let us know your thoughts.

Written by Jakob Lewis Barnes

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