Zendaya Cast In Spider-Man Reboot

So, Spider-Man is getting ANOTHER reboot. Personally, we were rather happy with Andrew Garfield and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ franchise and wanted a third film from that particular incarnation. But, with Spider-Man joining up with the Avengers, young actor Tom Holland has taken the up the mantle and is set for his solo Spider-Man movie next year after being introduced in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ later this year.

News broke recently that actress and singer Zendaya (pictured) has been cast alongside Holland for the Sony/Marvel Spider-Man reboot in a role which is being kept kinda secret right now. Official sources claim that Zendaya is not playing a love interest for Peter Parker, nor is she taking on a lead role, but that she may well play a big part in the franchise’s future. 

What do you think of the whole Spider-Man reboot? And are you happy to see Zendaya join the cast? Let us know your thoughts.

Written by Jakob Lewis Barnes

One thought on “Zendaya Cast In Spider-Man Reboot

  1. All I wanna see is another consistently good Spider-Man movie that isn’t just good in certain spots. I want a fun and entertaining movie… Kind of like how I felt about the Raimi trilogy.


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