Avatar Gets FOUR New Films


Fans of James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ rejoice! FOUR new films are inbound. Yes, that’s FOUR. That’s the plan, at least. It was inevitable that we would be revisiting the world of Pandora at some point given the record breaking box-office performance of the original. And whilst you could argue if there is any need for four new films I’m interested to see where they’ll take this wonderful and visually spectacular universe James Cameron has so expertly crafted.  Is there enough scope to extend the universe from the first going forward? Maybe there’ll be one or two prequels as well? Who knows. I don’t hate Avatar, like many seem to and I’ll certainly be at the front of the line when they are released. Maybe the excitement levels will begin to rise when we get some plot details and cast announcements. Who would you like to see cast in the upcoming films? Are you excited about the new additions to the franchise or do you think it’s unnecessary? 

Written by Dalton Brown 

One thought on “Avatar Gets FOUR New Films

  1. I kind of love Avatar. Not as much as I did in the first few hours after I first saw it in IMAX 3D. I think James Cameron is bluffing. He’s been talking about sequels forever and nothing ever seems to happen. He has to be careful not to wait so long that nobody cares anymore like Robert Rodriguez did with Sin City.


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