What’s Matt Damon Doing Here? First Trailer For The Great Wall

Going into this trailer I knew absolutely nothing about ‘The Great Wall’, but from the title of the film I was able to make one deduction: it’s probably got something to do with The Great Wall of China. So what does this short trailer give us? Well, firstly my deduction is right – we get a brief bit of history about the famous wall in captions, and the tiniest hint (that’s a dragon right?) that this isn’t a straight up history film, but a fantasy piece. What we see of the landscape, the wall and some battle scenes looks amazing. All good so far, right? However, I was struck straight away by one thought: what is Matt Damon doing starring in a film set in China’s past? Yes, it’s a fantasy film, so some liberties can be taken, but it seems an odd choice and I personally would’ve expected a Chinese lead. Still, I’m a sucker for fantasy so I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

‘The Great Wall’ makes its way into UK cinemas on 24th February 2017
Written by Emma Ditchburn

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