Star Trek 4 May See A Familiar Face Return

At the start of ‘Star Trek’ (2009), George Kirk bravely sacrificed himself to save the lives of his crew, his wife and his newborn son, thus writing himself into Starfleet – and Trekkie – history. Most of us quite logically assumed that would be the one and only time we’d ever see George Kirk in this series – his work was done and Chris Hemsworth, the actor who brought George to life, has gone on to become a huge star. But this is ‘Star Trek’, so perhaps we should have known better.

Whilst out promoting the latest film in the franchise, ‘Star Trek Beyond’, J.J. Abrams let slip that plans are afoot for ‘Star Trek 4’ (or 14 if you prefer), as well as hinting that Chris Hemsworth would be returning. Just in case any of us thought he was simply messing with us, Paramount Pictures quickly backed him up with an official confirmation: Yes, there will be another film in the Kelvin timeline, and yes, Chris Hemsworth will indeed reprise his role as George Kirk.

While this is good news for fans of George Kirk and/or Chris Hemsworth, it does really beg the question of how? There are actually a number of ways this can work that could be plucked from Trek lore, but the most likely candidate is probably time travel. It’s a plot device that has been used successfully before in both the TV shows and the films, and it would be a nice subtle nod to the fourth film in the Prime timeline. Are you happy with the direction the franchise may be heading? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Emma Ditchburn

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