Nolan’s Dunkirk Gets Teaser Trailer

I about to commit the cardinal sin. I’m not a fan of Christopher Nolan. There, I said it. ‘Dunkirk’, however, looks absolutely phenomenal. Somebody on Twitter expressed their opinion of the trailer by saying, “it looks like Christopher Nolan, through and through.” I disagree. It will star Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy, but that’s where the similarities end. This looks like something completely different in comparison to what he usually does; and that’s what really excites me. This is Nolan, so we know it won’t be a straight up war film a la ‘Saving Private Ryan’. The trailer, more of a teaser, doesn’t show much so I looked up the film to get a couple extra details. Here’s where things get weird though, Harry Styles (of One Direction fame) will also appear in the film. I can’t help but scratch my head and wonder why, other than this could be a marketing masterstroke to boost opening weekend figures as the Directioners take cinemas worldwide by storm.

Dunkirk will hit UK cinemas in Summer 2017. 

Written by Dalton Brown

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