Introducing: The Odysseys

Now, you may be sat there thinking “what the hell are The Odysseys?”, and you’d be well within your rights to ask. But, we thought we’d be nice and save you the trouble by putting together this little post to get you all up to speed.

2016 is drawing to a close, and that means just one thing (no, not Christmas). For all us film geeks, the most fun we can have in the festive season is to put together our end of year film lists of course! Here at JumpCut UK, we go one step further, with our annual awards show. Last year’s show was a roaring success (it definitely roared, and you can’t prove otherwise), so we’re back again this year to try and top that. 

This year’s show is set to be bigger and better, with lots more of our favourite film friends getting involved. Even more exciting, is the fact that we have golden envelopes for all our presenters this year (stay calm everyone). But, perhaps even more exciting still, is the new name for our awards show – The Odysseys! See, it all makes sense now.

Whilst the official title for the show will remain The JumpCut UK Film Awards, we thought that was a bit of a mouthful, and so we came up with a more snappy little title that will make discussing and hashtagging about the event a lot easier. So no more excuses, get talking about The Odysseys – the awards show made by film fans, for film fans. 


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