Deadpool 2 Has Found A New Director

After Tim Miller’s shock exit from the director’s chair of Deadpool 2 the other week over “creative differences” with Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, there’s been speculation after speculation regarding who 20th Century Fox would hire to replace him. Well speculate no more!

David Leitch has been named as Miller’s replacement for the highly anticipated Deadpool sequel. Leitch boasts an impressive CV, which includes co-directing the 2014 action packed hit, ‘John Wick’, with Chad Stahelski. His experience mainly lies in stunt and action coordinating, and on numerous occasions stunt doubling for the likes of Brad Pitt and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Leitch has worked on such films as ‘V for Vendetta’, ‘300’, and even the Bourne and Matrix films, so it looks like ‘Deadpool 2’ is in very safe and capable hands. Personally, I’m even more excited now for the Merc with a mouth’s next on-screen outing following this news.

Do you think Leitch is the man for the job? Who would you liked to have seen helm the sequel?

‘Deadpool 2’ is currently set to release in early 2018

Written by Tom Sheffield

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