The Mummy Trailer

Welcome to a new world of Gods and Monsters…

The first trailer for Universal Pictures’ reboot of ‘The Mummy’ has been released overnight and London looks set to be the centre of an Egyptian Princess’ tantrum, in which she wreaks havoc and destruction in order to “claim what she has been denied”.

Tom Cruise takes centre stage as Nick Morton, who’s team finds the sarcophagus of Ahmenet, an ancient Egyptian princess played by Sofia Boutella. After an attempt to transport the dead Princess ends in their plane crash landing, Nick wakes up in a zipped up body bag in a morgue, much to his confusion.  We hear the voice of Dr. Henry Jekyll (Russell Crowe) saying “welcome to a new world of Gods and Monsters” and are shown short clips of Ahmenet teasing the extent of her power as she destroys central London. The 2 minute long trailer doesn’t offer much in the way of plot details, but we can probably expect the marketing for this film to really pick up in the first quarter of 2017, which will give us a greater insight into the plot and characters.

It’s no secret that Universal Pictures are trying to create a ‘Monsters Universe’ franchise, with the likes of ‘The Invisible Man’, ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ and even a reboot of ‘Van Helsing’ on their scheduled list, amongst a couple of yet unnanounced films. It’s evident that Universal are choosing who they think are the best people to make this universe a success, they have Alex Kurtzman, who helped build the Transformers and Mission Impossible franchises, directing this first installment and he’s also set to be a producer of the future films in this universe. Sean Daniel has been signed on as a producer, who produced the 1999 ‘The Mummy’ trilogy which starred Brendan Fraser in the leading role. 

This universe has the potential to be huge and ‘The Mummy’ is where it all begins, so whilst this film may be a starting point, I really hope when watching it it doesn’t feel like one. 

Are there any monsters you’d like to see introduced into this new universe?

‘The Mummy’ roars into UK theatres 9th June 2017

Written by Tom Sheffield

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