X-23 Takes The Spotlight In New Logan Trailer

We are just over a month away until we witness Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine, and the latest trailer puts the spotlight on Laura Kinney aka X-23. 

This trailer treats us to a lot of new footage, including some of Laura giving her hunters a hard time as they chase her down and attempt to capture her. It’s very clear she’s not going anywhere without a fight as we witness her putting her claws to good use! 

Both trailers for ‘Logan’ have given me hope that this film will redeem Wolverine’s name after the less than satisfactory solo films that have come before it. I am incredibly excited for ‘Logan’ and the prospect of seeing more of X-23 in the future as Jackman bows out of playing Wolverine. I’m hoping this film will be the one we remember Jackman for the most during his 17 years as Wolverine, and that it’ll be a fitting end for such a fantastic character and actor.  

Tickets for Logan are now bookable at most UK cinemas, with some also showing midnight screenings. 

Written by Tom Sheffield

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