The Transformers: The Last Knight Extended Super Bowl TV Spot Is Very Michael Bay

Transformers, possibly the most critic proof franchise in film history, returns in 2017 with its fifth instalment – The Last Knight. I could spend my time musing over how that happened, but I have to confess to being, in my own tiny way, responsible having seen the last two in the cinema. In my defence, I was being a good friend & accompanying someone who loves Transformers (though not these films). We keep going in the hope that one day one of these films will turn out to be amazing.

What we get in this brief trailer is essentially a checklist of things you’d expect to see in a Michael Bay film – explosions, helicopters flying in formation, super slow motion, a glimpse of the US flag, soldiers. It all looks good – all of these films look good – but films need to do more than look good and that is where the Transformers films fall down. This trailer isn’t giving much away in terms of the plot – in fact it doesn’t really give us anything more than the last trailer, which seems a bit pointless to me.

Being a good friend I will probably end up seeing this at the cinema, so blame me when the inevitable sixth film arrives!

Written by Emma Ditchburn

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