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Is Bond 25 Production More Advanced Than Initially Thought?

It always seems to be the way that not long after the dust settles with one Bond film, speculation begins about the next. Bond 25 is no exception to this, with conjecture and rumour all over the internet. ‘Spectre’ was barely in cinemas when Daniel Craig in no subtle terms indicated that he would rather slash his wrists than play James Bond again, leaving many fans believing that Craig had just tendered his resignation with immediate effect. This said, producers have vehemently tried to get Daniel Craig on board by reportedly offering him $150 million for his commitment to another two films, although this sum has not been confirmed by the studio or any representative of the actor.

Daniel Craig’s involvement in the next film grows tenuous, as replacement names emerge from Hollywood’s ether; notably Tom Hiddleston gave an impressive performance during his James Bond screen test, otherwise known as ‘The Night Manager’. You would certainly be forgiven for believing that Bond 25 is just a mishmash of gossip, desperate pleas, and tabloid misinterpretations. With no Bond, no title, no director, and no whiff of a plot to speak of, it must be said that the future direction of the franchise seems very uncertain. Almost too uncertain perhaps? A few weeks ago a German aviation museum in Wernigerode confirmed that a Bell UHD-1D helicopter was purchased by the James Bond production company (Eon) and is to be transported to the UK. This is then followed by the Mayor of Dubrovnik (Croatia) confirming that the city and Eon Productions are in advanced negotiations for filming of Bond 25 to begin later this year. This won’t be the first time that Dubrovnik has hosted film productions with ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ filming in the city in 2016, and ‘Robin Hood: Origins’ set to start filming soon.

With props being bought and locations scouted, this scarcely seems the activities of a studio without an idea. I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon hear more news surrounding the next film. Although one thing is for certain, producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson know how to play their cards very close to their chest.

Written by Mark F. Putley

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  1. Speculation that Craig may return is adding excitement to the next Bond film. Considering Moore did seven films, Craig may still have another one left in him and it would be great to see him back.


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