New Trailer For Alien: Covenant Brings Us A New Head-Butting Xenomorph From Hell

Having lulled us in to a false sense of security with lightly comedic early peeks at the new crew of the Covenant, the titular ship in Ridley Scott’s upcoming addition to the Alien franchise, the new trailer has pulled out all the stops to reassure us that the new film will be going back to the series’ horror roots.

The Covenant is the first ship to go out and colonise new planets, and as a result the crew comprises not just the best scientists in their field, but also their other halves. Katherine Waterson  plays Daniels, a terraforming expert, who it appears will be our new Ripley, even down to the costume and haircut.  

The new trailer offers us a transition from the familial round table discussions of the early teaser (which harks back to the iconic John Hurt chest-burster scene) into full-blown horror, as the colonists find themselves in a beautiful new world, seemingly devoid of life, only to be faced with a seemingly super-powered, pissed off alien.

Will this be the straight-forward ‘Alien’ re-boot that this trailer suggests, or will it develop the story offered by ‘Prometheus’ into more interesting territory? Not long to wait to find out as Fox have brought forward the release date to May from October, hinting that they feel they might have a hit on their hands that deserves the summer audience.

‘Alien: Covenant’ is out on 12th May 2017

Written by Abbie Eales

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