Indiana Jones And The Tomb Of Quiet Optimism

Following last year’s announcement, the prospect of a fifth instalment to the Indiana Jones franchise was met with some level of cynicism, especially when many Indy fans would argue that ‘The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ should have remained a nice idea. Nevertheless Indy 5 has turned a lot of heads of late, especially following Disney’s recent announcement of a 2019 release date.

This time around we are given several reassurances that it won’t be worse than the previous film, in fact some may be forgiven for holding some keen anticipations for Dr Jones’ fifth adventure. Firstly, Harrison Ford has thrown his hat into the ring and has said he will reprise the role of Indiana Jones, whilst Steven Spielberg has naturally taken to the Director’s chair. The bigger news of course is that Disney acquired the rights to the franchise back in 2013, leaving many to ponder whether this could be a ‘The Force Awakens’ style reboot?

Spielberg has told fans that George Lucas will be an Executive Producer. Having conceptualised the plot for all the films in the series so far (three out of four can’t be bad), it remains unclear how much ‘hands on’ involvement Lucas will have on the untitled Indy 5 project. Reports suggest that Lucas has taken a back seat, allowing script writer David Koepp and Steven Spielberg to deliberate about where the whip snapping archaeologist should go next. Supposedly pen is yet to take to paper, that said Disney studios have allowed some breathing space by announcing the release date to be 19th July 2019. Although my heart breaks a little every time I catch a glimpse of ‘Crystal Skull’, my inner movie-nerd is quietly anticipating which baddies will disintegrate into dust in Indiana Jones 5.

Written by Mark F. Putley

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