The World Is Yours – Scarface Re-Imagining Set For 2018

As we all grow increasingly weary of tiresome reboot announcements from the motion-picture industry, you would be forgiven for thinking that Hollywood is scratching its noggin thinking ‘what next?’. It has been no secret that a ‘Scarface’ re-imagining has been in Universal’s crosshairs for some time. With an August 2018 release date, critics await news of concrete developments before they poise their pens for a slating. Brian De Palma’s 1983 ‘Scarface’ is a remake of the 1932 original produced by Howard Hughes. De Palma’s Scarface tells the story of a violently determined Cuban immigrant who climbs the criminal underworld to run a drug cartel in Miami.

‘You know what capitalism is? Getting fucked!’

Scarface may be Hollywood’s first most politically relevant reboot since Trump’s inauguration. Diego Luna (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) is tipped to star in the remake, the infamous anti-protagonist being a Mexican immigrant and not Cuban; a pertinent detail amendment that seems to resonate with Trump’s America. The second detail being that the 2018 Scarface will be set in Los Angeles as opposed to Miami.

When discussing films of the 80’s it’s hard to overlook Al Pacino’s Tony Montana wearing his iconic pinstripe, heavily dusted in Yayo, and wielding a high-powered assault rifle. So a third remake is quite an ambitious leap. However unlike many other remakes in recent years, at first glance Scarface appears to be in a good set of hands. Boardwalk Empire and Sopranos writer Terence Winter has been reportedly casting a watchful eye over a preliminary script, followed by Ethan and Joel Coen (Bridge of Spies and No Country for Old Men) who take on screenplay responsibilities.

No new project is without its hitch nevertheless. Antoine Fuqua was initially in talks to sit in the director’s chair however has had to quit due to commitments with ‘The Equaliser’ sequel,  starring Denzel Washington. A director is therefore yet to be announced, although according to Variety, Universal have been meeting directors and are keen to start production.

Watch this space.

‘Scarface’ is currently slated for release on 10th August 2018

Written by Mark Putley

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