‘Power Rangers’ Sequel In Doubt After Disappointing Opening In China

According to Forbes, the chances of ‘Power Rangers’ receiving a sequel is becoming less and less likely due to it seriously under-performing at the box office, most recently it’s disappointing opening in China over the weekend. 

At the time of writing, BoxOfficeMojo estimates that Dean Israelite’s ‘Power Rangers’ has grossed just under $135.5 million since it’s release at the end of March. Apparently all eyes were on it’s cinematic run in China to see how it performed, but after opening yesterday to a measly $1.2 million, many reports suggest Lionsgate may re-think their plans, which they obviously hinted at during the post-credit scene of the film.

Of course, this isn’t set in stone! Lionsgate may well go ahead with a sequel in the hope it out-performs it’s predecessor. Who knows, if the film performs well in DVD/Blu Ray/Digital sales, they may be more inclined to take a show with a sequel. 

What did you think of ‘Power Rangers’? Where do you think they may have slipped up? Does it deserve a sequel?

Written by Tom Sheffield



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