REVIEW: The Escort

Year: 2018
Directed by: Bizhan M. Tong
Cast: Kevin Leslie, Olivia Moyles

Written by Abbie Eales

A short film written, directed and produced by Bizhan Tong, starring Kevin Leslie and Olivia Moyles. Currently doing the rounds on the festival circuit the film sees Eric (Kevin Leslie) turning up at the door of escort ‘Veronica’ (Olivia Moyles), flowers in hand. It soon emerges that Eric is not interested in ‘Veronica’s’ normal escort services and instead asks for an hour of her time, just to talk and try to convince her she should leave her current career.

The conversation turns from The Wizard of Oz as allegory of coming out, via a lot of mention sucking dick to some clumsy faux-feminist arguments as the timer runs down on Eric’s hour.

Olivia Moyles puts in a good performance as the conflicted ‘Veronica’, managing to convey the overblown dialogue to feel almost natural. Kevin Leslie struggles a little, particularly in moments where he is left alone, his better moments come when bouncing off Veronica’s arguments.

The photography is rudimentary, the editing somewhat confused, but it’s the script which ultimately lets the film down. Having watched it I’m still not sure why Eric was there, why ‘Veronica’ put up with his condescension and why anyone thought they could shoe-horn clunky arguments about gender stereotyping and sexual power dynamics into an intimate two-hander. Sadly it doesn’t work.

Abbie’s Verdict:



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