The Terror Of ‘Halloween’ Returns in ‘The Spirit of Haddonfield’ Fan Film

Written by Michael Dean

October marks the 40th Anniversary from one of the best horror films made, John Carpenter’s Halloween.  Blumhouse will be releasing the direct sequel to theaters on October 19th however, if fans cannot wait there is a chance they can whet their beak a bit earlier with a very well done fan film, The Spirit of Haddonfield.  The 19-minute film takes place in Michael’s hometown where a young girl, Hanna (played by Hannah Owens), walks to her house on the evening of Halloween and we learn why she is really not fond of this time of year.

The Spirit of Haddonfield is a passion project from writer and director Rene Rivas who pays tribute to John Carpenters 1978 slasher. Rivas’ passion pours through the camera from the very beginning providing fans with a familiar style.  There is a very steady pace in the beginning portion of the film as Rene delivers some very crisp snapshots of various homes and Halloween decorations until that familiar Halloween music comes in as our protagonist Hannah walks along the street.  The way the camera moves with Hannah while she walks among the fallen leaves on the sidewalk is very smooth and once in a while, the viewer is treated to some nice angled shots.  Rene really knows how to move the camera and the cinematography is so well done that the whole thing has the look of a major production.

The Shape is played by Vincente Disanti, who also played the killer Jason in the Friday the 13th short film, Never Hike Alone, which he directed and co-wrote.  Vincente’s portrayal of Michael Myers is done very well and I love how he captures the presence of Michael looming in the background, quietly stalking his victim, until he makes his move.  Some of his movements appear spot on as Vincente’s body language emulates those of the famous horror icon.  Hannah Owens also does a good job in expressing her fear in some intense moments as Michael Myers comes closer and closer to claiming the life of his victim.

A Halloween film would not be the same without that famous score, and fans will be happy to know that Rene Rivas includes the scores The Shape Stalks Laurie from Tyler Bates which was used in the Rob Zombie Halloween reboot as well as John Carpenters famous Halloween tune composed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.  The music is perfectly placed in the film and makes such an impact that sometimes I would forget that I was actually watching a fan film.

Overall Rene Rivas does a great job in bringing The Shape back to the screen and those who are itching for some Michael Myers until the new Halloween film is released should find The Spirit of Haddonfield to be a satisfying fix.

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