SUNDANCE 2019: Fernando’s First Film Festival!

Here at JUMPCUT we’re always incredibly grateful for our amazing team of writers and contributors who volunteer time out of their days to create fresh and original content for us. We do all we can to support our team and their writing, and now an exciting adventure lies ahead for one of our writers.

Fernando has personally sought out and successfully secured tickets to Sundance Festival 2019, a festival he only once dreamed of being able to attend – and will be representing JUMPCUT whilst attending!

Fernando has paid for his tickets and accommodation but is currently trying to raise some extra funds for his trip to ensure he is fully prepared for the festival and has created a GoFundMe page if people would like to support him. We’d love to make Sundance the best experience ever for him and even the smallest donations mean so much to both Fernando and the whole JUMPCUT team.

You can donate to Fernando’s Sundance GoFundMe here 

Also be sure to check out his YouTube Channel! 



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