Joss Whedon Unlikely To Direct Next Avengers Movie

Director of the hugely successful ‘Avengers Assemble’, Joss Whedon, has confessed he is unlikely to helm the next instalment of the Avengers franchise. The two part ‘Infinity War’ sequel is due for release in 2018 and 2019, but Whedon remains doubtful as to his own involvement in any further Avengers films after ‘Age Of Ultron’ hits cinemas this Summer. Read more about Whedon’s decision here.


Birdman’s Big Weekend

This weekend, at the SAG and the Producer’s Guild Awards, the world of film awaited results which would normally indicate which film would be the frontrunner for Best Picture at The Oscars next month. But Alejandro Innaritu’s ‘Birdman’ has caused chaos by pipping the big favourite ‘Boyhood’, to clean up at this weekend’s awards ceremonies. Read more about how ‘Birdman’ took control of the Oscar race here.


First Look: The Revenant

Leonard’s DiCaprio returns to the big screen in The Revenant, alongside Tom Hardy. Director Alejandro González Iñárritu has been full of praise for the Wolf of Wall Street star’s commitment to his new role, which will hit cinemas January 2016. DiCaprio sports a scruffy look for the adaptation of Michael Punke’s novel, which follows the revenge mission of an ill-fated fur trapper, set in the 1820s. Read more here.

Simon Pegg To Join Writing Team For Star Trek 3

Star Trek actor Simon Pegg has taken up the position of co-writer for the third instalment of the series, it was revealed early this morning. Pegg will work alongside fellow writer Doug Jung for the upcoming sequel as well as reprising his role as Scotty. Read more here.

Gyllenhaal Passes On Suicide Squad Movie

After the news that Tom Hardy would be dropping out of next year’s Suicide Squad movie, the rumour was that Jake Gyllenhaal would fill the role of Rick Flagg. But now Gyllenhaal has unfortunately passed on the role due to commitments to other projects. Read more here.

Coen Brothers To Head Cannes Jury

In an unprecedented move, the legendary Coen brothers are set to head the feature film jury at the Cannes 2015 film festival. Never before has a pair of filmmakers led the jury, read the duo’s reaction here.

Batman To Feature In Suicide Squad Movie?

Rumours flying around today suggest that Ben Affleck’s Batman will make a cameo appearance in the upcoming David Ayer led Suicide Squad movie. These very unofficial rumours were tentatively released by Forbes sources today and have had comic book fans frantically guessing how this will work out. Read more here.

Cavill Praises Batman v Superman Visuals

Speaking this week to BAFTA LA, Man of Steel star Henry Cavill has been discussing the Batman v Superman epic set for release March 2016. In the interview, Cavill praises the work of director Zack Snyder and claims that the film will be a visual spectacle. Read more here.

Stewart & McKellen Won’t Return For X-Men: Apocalypse

Legendary X-Men actor Patrick Stewart confirmed that it is unlikely he and co-star Sir Ian McKellen would return for the next X-Men film. Speaking to Larry King, Stewart said that the next sequel, X-Men: Apocalypse, would almost certainly not see an older Professor Xavier and Magneto. Read more here.