What’s New In The World Cinema Club

It’s been a while since we updated you all with our latest inductees to the World Cinema Club, so here’s what you might have missed. And, we really recommend you hunt down these foreign language gems if you can. We’ve reviewed two foreign language films recently which were released in the UK in 2016 (although they have been around in other countries for a while … Continue reading What’s New In The World Cinema Club

Hong Kong Cinema: Top 5

Hong Kong cinema, I believe, is completely different to mainland Chinese cinema. There are a number of fairly obvious reasons why and probably the biggest is Hong Kong’s long colonial history under British rule. Hong Kong cinema had almost no government funding and filmmakers were therefore free to produce the products that they wanted, which were commercial in the main, as all funding had to … Continue reading Hong Kong Cinema: Top 5

South Korean Cinema: Top 5

As part of our ongoing World Cinema Club, I was asked to compile a brief list of my South Korean favourites, as if it were being pitched to someone who didn’t know where to begin. More widely known for their violent and stubby thrillers – owed largely to the spike in distribution from Tartan Asia Extreme, allowing them to piggy-back off the success of Japanese horrors – … Continue reading South Korean Cinema: Top 5

Chinese Cinema: Top 5

Over the last twenty years, mainland China’s cinematic work has become more readily available. China has a long and well-established history of filmmaking; like many other nations that have oppressed free speech and personal expression, Chinese filmmakers with a message had to bury it under layers of content and symbolism. You might have already seen a couple of these films, but if you haven’t, then … Continue reading Chinese Cinema: Top 5

World Cinema Club: Seal Of Approval

The JumpCut UK World Cinema Club is now up and running, with ‘Son Of Saul’ the first film to get the seal of approval from our World Cinema experts Wan Tyszkiewicz and Mark Blakeway. Each month, you’ll get at least two reviews of foreign language films from these guys, as well as information regarding how you can watch the films. Looking back on previous reviews, … Continue reading World Cinema Club: Seal Of Approval

The JumpCut UK World Cinema Club

In an attempt to make us all a little more culturally enriched, JumpCut UK launches our World Cinema Club, where each month we will review one classic foreign language film, one new release foreign language film and bring you a couple of Top 5 lists for different countries and filmmakers.  The first selection for the World Cinema Club comes from Hungary, in the form of … Continue reading The JumpCut UK World Cinema Club