Chris’ Movie Corner


Chris’ Movie Corner is an account we just kinda stumbled across one day, when we realised Chris Wilson, the man behind Movie Corner, shared similar interests to us when it comes to film. Since then, Movie Corner has become one of our go-to destinations whenever we want to strike up a discussion about a film, share recommendations for our next watch or chat about upcoming releases.


What do you do?

Chris’ Movie Corner is a site which covers a wide range of movie news and reviews, with a heavy focus placed on the more mainstream releases from cinema and television. At present, our new website is in development, which is a very exciting time and we can’t wait to open up the site and show you what we’ve been working on.

Why do you do it?

I started Movie Corner after seeing a small success on my own personal movie blog, and it all came about as a way to pass time between jobs really. Four years later and it is going stronger than ever, with the new website paying testament to the progress Movie Corner has made. My personal love of films spreads across most genres; one minute I could fancy watching a horror film, and the next I could be in the mood for a comedy. Picking my top 5 films of all time would be an impossible task, put it that way.

How do you view your relationship with JumpCut UK?

In my time as a movie blogger, I haven’t came across many better sites than JumpCut UK, so when the opportunity arose to team up with such a dedicated team like this, I jumped at the chance. I am relishing the partnership between Movie Corner and JumpCut UK, and can’t wait to start collaborating on different projects and creating new and exciting features to bring to the film community.

For now, you can find more from Movie Corner by visiting the website, or catching up with their progress on Twitter.