HC Movie Reviews


One of the first sites we really connected with, and that we continue to interact with on a daily basis, is HC Movie Reviews. This website is run solely by Hamish Calvert, an aspiring film critic who just loves to discuss all things film related. The reason we connect with HC so often is very simple – we share a passion for film, a respect for each other’s work, and his Desert Island DVD’s game on Twitter is always fun!


What do you do?  

When I started HC Movie Reviews back in 2013, I covered a much wider range of things – from cinema releases, DVDs and even on one occasion a movie app. In more recent times though, I have focused my attention more closely on the latest cinematic releases and try to see as many as possible. I try to cover as much as possible so that I can keep my readers informed, that’s why I don’t mind seeing movies which I know will probably be poor; if I can still be in on the discussion, it won’t bother me too much! 

Why do you do it?

The reason I run the blog is simple – I genuinely LOVE films. Why just watch a film and leave it at that when there is literally a whole world of discussion out there? I’ve found Twitter especially useful as an outlet for interacting with different people and discussing the films I watch. For me, escapism is a major factor behind my love of films; the way a film can transport you to a completely different world for 2 hours of your life is just an experience that is always exciting. I also enjoy charting the careers of different actors and directors – making connections in films is one of my favourite things to do.

How do you view your relationship with JumpCut UK?

Firstly I just love their website. The content is always fresh and what I want to read, their reviews are always well written, but more importantly they are entertaining to read. Their presence on social media certainly helped me to gain such an interest and appreciation for what they do. I’ve mentioned already how Twitter is great for discussion, and many a discussion I have had with these guys. However, as time went on, I feel we went from having an interest in each other’s work to gaining a real mutual respect for each other, and now I’d be happy to say that we have a friendship as well as a working relationship. I can’t say enough good things about this site and the guys who run it.

Be sure to check out the movie reviews of HC by visiting the website, or join in the Desert Island DVD fun by following HC Movie Reviews on Twitter. You can also find some of our collaborations in the form of the HC Movie Chat here.