People You May Know (Short)

Year: 2018 Directed by: Louisa Fielden Cast: Aiysha Hart, Joseph Timms Written by Lucy Buglass Have you ever scrolled through Facebook when the algorithm recommends someone from your past? Sometimes you feel happy, sometimes upset or even angry. We’ve all been there, and Louisa Fielden’s latest short film, […]

Why I Hate The New Oscar Changes

Fernando has a few things to say about the newly announced Oscar changes, so he’s compiled his thoughts and created a video to discuss why he doesn’t agree with these changes the Academy are going to introduce. What are your thoughts on the new changes? Do you agree […]

The Equalizer 2

Year: 2018 Directed by: Antoine Fuqua Cast: Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Melissa Leo, Ashton Sanders, Bill Pullman Written by Tom Sheffield Full disclosure before I start this review, I only watched The Equalizer for the first time a few hours before heading to the cinema for an early screening of […]

Remake An Idea | Video Essay

In our first video essay, Sam discusses how CRANK (2006) is a re-imagining of Rudolph Maté’s 1949 noir film D.O.A. and why re-imaginings rather than remakes could be the way forward for films! What films would you like to see re-imagined? Let us know in the comments below, […]