Year: 2014
Director: Jason Banker
Starring: Amy Everson, Kentucker Audley, Ryan Creighton, Elizabeth Ferrara
Written by Dalton Brown

Like most movies, when it came to ‘Felt’, I had heard some good things and I had heard some bad things. The ticks in the positive column outweighed the negatives though, leaving me pretty excited to watch this horror-thriller. As I was watching, I really, desperately wanted to enjoy it, but I simply could not. Indeed, ‘Felt’ is the most disappointing movie I’ve seen all year, and it’s not been the best year for films.

The coolest thing about ‘Felt’ is, without a doubt, the plot. Following Amy (Amy Everson), a victim of a rape attack, we see the effect this trauma has on her. She creates a costume and an alter-ego to deal with this damaging sexual experience. Things then start to get more complicated when a new man, Kenny (Kentucker Audley), enters the picture. Amy falls for Kenny, but she ends up letting her own insecurities get the best of her. I like the plot – it’s just the execution that I strongly dislike. It’s meant to be a slow-burn thriller, but there’s a strong emphasis on the “slow” part. There is a big difference between a slow, suspense-filled movie, and a slow, dull movie. I started zoning out around 40 minutes in, because nothing interesting was happening. Next thing I knew, it was all over. The ending was cool, but not enough to redeem the crimes of the rest of the movie. That is the problem with ‘Felt’ – aspects of the film are cool, but it’s not enough to salvage a poor film on the whole.

I think one of the many weaknesses of ‘Felt’ is the terrible acting. Horror movie actors are rarely at the top or their game, and it’s no different here. The actors fail to deliver convincing performances, nor do they make the viewing experience an enjoyable one; they’re just plain boring. The other thing that sucks – and this is a very personal and picky complaint – is that Amy’s voice was very annoying. In fact, the only good thing about ‘Felt’ was its cinematography and even that wasn’t anything spectacular. Another weakness is that it’s a very weird movie and this weirdness never feels natural. There is nothing wrong with a bit of strange intrigue, but this is of a more forceful kind, and it makes the movie painful to sit through. I know it sounds like I’m whining – and I probably am – but ‘Felt’ is just a big bag of disappointment. It truly is a terrible film. Truly. Terrible.

The absolute worst thing about ‘Felt’ – yeah, it gets worse – is the pacing. The film only comes with a 1 hour and 20 minutes runtime, but with the excruciatingly slow pace, it feels like a 2 hour feature. In all honesty, this would probably have worked better as a short film. With terrible acting, terrible writing and terrible direction, there really is nothing particularly positive to say about ‘Felt’, plot concept aside. I could never recommend watching this, unless you’re some kind of masochist, and even then I would warn you to stay away.