Sarah Hawkins & Myah Hollis: Or Die Trying – Bridging the Gender Gap

Interview by Gillian Finklea

Sadly, the issue of gender inequality in film and television is still a problem which haunts the industry. But, thanks to projects like ‘Or Die Trying’, the issue is becoming more and more readily discussed and action is being taken to give women in film a much louder voice, slowly but surely. We caught up with Sarah Hawkins and Myah Hollis, two of the brilliant women behind this project, to learn more about their work and get their opinions on the gender gap in Hollywood.

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UK Blog Awards 2016

So you may know that this month, we are handing out some awards at the first annual JumpCut UK Film Awards (you should do, we’ve mentioned it enough times), but we are also in the hunt for an award of our own. All this month we will be asking you to support JumpCut UK and help us make the final nominations at the UK Blog Awards 2016.

If you enjoy what we do and think we deserve to be one of the 10 blogs on that final shortlist, please click on the image below and submit your vote. You can vote once a day until the 25th January, so please feel free to spend the next three weeks backing your favourite film website (as long as that’s JumpCut UK).

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Our good friend and official partner site, HC Movie Reviews, is also vying for a place on the UK Blog Awards final shortlist. Luckily, as part of the individual blogger section, you can vote for JumpCut UK and HC Movie Reviews without pissing anyone off! Click here to vote for HC Movie Reviews.

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The JumpCut UK Film Awards 2015

You may have already seen news of the first annual JumpCut UK Film Awards, an online celebration of the best films of 2015, but here’s a quick rundown of some of the details so far.

The JumpCut UK Film Awards will be held in January 2016 (exact date TBC), and will look back at the films of 2015 based on UK releases. The whole JumpCut UK team, along with our official partners will be hosting the event across different platforms including YouTube, podcasts and a few good old, simple printed versions. 

There will be 24 categories in total, looking at individual performances, films and their different genres, technical achievements and a few fun categories thrown in. Whilst the JumpCut UK team and its partners (along with a few special guests) will decide the winners for most of the categories this year, there will be the opportunity for all film fans to get involved and cast their vote in certain categories. 

Two weeks from today, on the 22nd December, we will announce the list of nominees for each category, so look out for that and more updates in the meantime. Oh, and it’s ‘Star Wars’ themed, in case you hadn’t noticed. May the force be with you.

TV Killed The Movie Star [Feature]

From the beginning of the 20th century, the film industry has fascinated, surprised and thrilled audiences with revolutionary technology which allowed talented storytellers to tell their tales, through the miracle of sight. Early classics, such as ‘Metropolis’ helped ignite the worlds imagination, allowing both filmmakers and audiences alike to wonder at what was possible in the way we tell stories. The film industry has had few competitors over its existence, and despite some rough periods in its history, no other medium of storytelling has evolved, re-evolved and revolutionised itself as much as the Hollywood film industry has. Stories told through moving images, sound and colour was a reality few could ponder in the early 1900’s. Yet here we are, about a century later taking for granted the very thing that inspired so many before.