Dragon Ball Legends (Mobile)

Written by Jack Holden-Rhodes

Calling all Dragon Ball fans!

Have you heard?!

There’s a new game in town, and its not for console or PC, WHAAATT?

Yeah, that’s right, there is a little game called Dragon Ball Legends available on mobile and it has been the reason I’ve neglected my console!

So just over a month ago, Dragon Ball Legends became available to download all over the world to your mobile. This simple game which you could play one handed whilst you practiced your father-son Kamehameha has taken over my life. With the introduction of a new character and a new story, this has been the game I’ve been grinding away at for the last 40 days.

I won’t dive into the story too much, but it’s a nice touch. A fresh visit to the Dragon Ball universe – Collecting other characters to play as, the main character of the story is a brand spanking new character called “Shallot”. The gameplay is simple yet effective, having “art cards” to use as attacks, you have to battle your way through villains from just about every single story from Dragon Ball history, and there’s more to follow! Each time you complete a story, you have the option to go back and further complete it to collect rare medals to use in store. They can be used for things like extra zeni, or souls to boost your characters strength – Characters are currently maxed out at level 1000 with 3 different stages of boosts – level 1-300, 300-600 and 600-1000.

Micro-tractions are present in the game, but in no way are you forced to use them. You have an energy limit of 10, which replenishes quickly throughout the day. There is the option to use your Chrono Crystals to gain all 10 energy faster, however, these are much preferred to be used towards your summons.

What’s “summons” you say? Well if you’ve played Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle, you’ll understand how it works.  You can collect Chrono crystal and use them to summon new characters to play as, but unlike Dokkan Battle, when you summon the same character more than once, they stack so that your character becomes more powerful! You can collect the crystals through playing the main story, playing through the events that are updated every 10 – 20 days or (you guessed it) you can purchase them on the online store (WHICH I HAVE DONE MYSELF BECAUSE I NEED THAT DAMN SPARKING TRUNKS!) –

There are 3 different types of character you can summon, you have the Hero, the basic most common characters to summon. Extreme characters, which are a little rarer, more powerful characters. Then you have the Sparking characters, which have a smaller drop rate compared to the others. Again, sparking characters are more powerful and have sometimes have awesome ultimate attacks which are extra to the ones you already get. The characters have different element types too. You have Red, Green, Yellow, Purple and Blue. Each have their weaknesses against the elements. Red beats Yellow, Yellow beats Purple, Purple beats Green, Green beats Blue and Blue beats Red.

Unlike Dokkan Battle, you have a PVP mode. Choose your 6 strongest fighters and have them duke it out online against opponents all over the world! You can only choose 3 fighters to fight at a time, but if you choose the correct combination of characters you’ll have the upper hand. Just like I’ve already spoken about, picking elements different to your opponents will give you that advantage. But being that they’re 6 characters and only 3 spots, it can be a guessing game to which character elements you’ll be up against!

There’s a massive amount I haven’t included in this mini review, due to spoilers, etc, but I hope from what I’ve wrote, you’ll be already downloading!

If you want to test your skills against me, my Legends I.D. is 9166769256 


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