Margot Robbie Confirmed As Lead In Marian – Sony’s Robin Hood Spin-Off

Yesterday it was confirmed that Margot Robbie has been cast in the lead role of Marian in a Robin Hood spin-off based on the maiden’s life following the death of her husband. Robbie, who is currently filming ‘I, Tonya’, has been confirmed for a handful of other upcoming films including ‘Gotham City Sirens’, ‘Terminal, an untitled film about ‘Winnie the Pooh’ author A.A Milne, so it’s safe to say we will be seeing plenty of her over the next couple of years. 

The plot to Sony’s ‘Marian’ is reportedly: After a conspiracy to conquer England in which the love of her life Robin Hood dies before her eyes, Marian picks up the cause to lead her people into a pivotal war. She comes to power, charging into a battle that will not only decide the fate of the kingdom but will see her don the mantle of the man she loved. In the process, she rises as a legend herself.

I think it’s fair to say that this story will show Maid Marian as we’ve never seen her before, with Deadline reporting that the film will be “‘Braveheart meets ‘Game of Thrones'”. As of yet the there is no director attached to the film, but we do know that Pete Barry will be writing the script. From the sounds of it we can expect Marian to kick all kinds of ass and I’m looking forward to seeing where Pete Barry goes with this story. 

To clear up any confusion, this is not in anyway connected to the Lionsgate’s 2018 ‘Robin Hood’, which will star Taron Egerton, Jamie Fox, Tim Minchin, Jamie Dornan, and Ben Medelsohn. Some sites are reporting that there are other studios working on Robin Hood related films too, so prepare yourselves to see a lot of the man (hopefully not) in green tights over the next few years. 

What’re your thoughts on this announcement? Who do you think would be great to direct this “Braveheart meets Game of Thrones” film?

Written by Tom Sheffield