Decade Definers: JUMPCUT’s 80s Film Favourites Spotify Playlist

So far for our 80’s Decade Definers the team have covered The Indiana Jones Trilogy, The Birth of the Action Hero, and The Golden Age of Family-Friendly Films. We have a few more pieces up our sleeve before we move on to the next decade, but we thought it’d be a nice idea for the team to come together to share their favourite 80s film songs and scores and pop them all in one playlist to share with you all! We’ve also included some of our your suggestions from Facebook and Twitter.

Our playlist includes 52 songs from the likes of Back to the Future, Highlander, Weird Science, Dirty Dancing, Electric Dreams, Caddy Shack, Rock IVRisky Business and Purple Rain!

We’ll continue to add to this playlist so why not send over what you’d like to hear in there! You can drop them in the comments below, or send them over to us on Twitter!


JUMPCUT’s Film Favourites Spotify Playlist

We’re excited to share with you a brand new Spotify playlist that the whole team has come together to create that’s filled with our favourite film songs/scores! Each member of the team was tasked to choose just five of their all-time favourite pieces of music/songs from films, and of course they haven’t disappointed.

In our playlist you’ll find music from a whole variety of different films, including Her, Man of Steel, Coco, Magnolia, Hook, Pirates of the Carribean, and lots more!

We’ll be creating more playlists in the very near future, such filled with even more film goodness! Be sure to keep an eye out on our Twitter feed as we’ll also be looking for contributions from our readers for some of the playlists too.

What five songs would you add to our playlist?