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Decade Definers: 1970s

Written by Jakob Lewis Barnes, Abbie Eales, and Corey Hughes Throughout history, cinema has reflected, echoed and even preempted societal shifts that occur through the ages, and thatā€™s where ourĀ Decade DefinersĀ series comes in. Weā€™ll take a look at the world, decade by decade, and discuss how the films […]

Watch This Space: May 11 – May 17

Welcome to our newest featureĀ ā€“ WatchThisSpace ā€“ where we give you recommendations of films to watch in the cinema, on the television and those brilliant films hidingĀ at the back of your DVD collection. IN THE CINEMA As most of you are well aware, ā€˜Mad Max: Fury Roadā€™ opens […]