Watch This Space: May 25 – May 31

Welcome to your weekly go-to-guide –¬†WatchThisSpace –¬†where we give you recommendations of films to watch in the cinema, on the television and those brilliant films hiding¬†at the back of your DVD collection.


The Rock is slowly winning us over, proving that he is a respectable actor in Hollywood. He certainly earns enough anyway. His latest offering, ‘San Andreas’, promises to be quite the spectacle, one which simply HAS to be enjoyed on the big screen.

We waited a week with this one, to gauge the opinion from opening weekend. Disney’s attempt at a summer hit with ‘Tomorrowland’, has been quite divisive among audiences thus far, with the consensus seeming to be that the fantasy flick is just about worth seeing.


Monday 14:25 GMT:¬†The multiple academy award-winning western¬†‘Dances with Wolves’¬†graces our screens during the Bank Holiday¬†afternoon on BBC2. An emotional¬†roller coaster, set against wonderful¬†scenery and with a¬†beautiful¬†musical score to accompany, this film is just about as good as the West gets.¬†

Monday 20:00 GMT:¬†Finish your holiday in explosive style with Avengers Assemble’ on BBC1. You’ve probably seen it before, but why not relive some Marvel magic. Sit back with your beverage of choice and enjoy blockbuster action at its very best.

Wednesday 18:55 GMT: Film4¬†brings us the hilarious¬†‘Sister Act’¬†on Wednesday evening. The perfect way to break up the working week, this film will do it’s best to raise your spirits. As far as musical comedies go, there’s nun better. I’ll get my coat…

Wednesday 22:55 GMT:¬†A real late-night treat for you on¬†Film4¬†this week. Arguably his best film, ‘Psycho’¬†is trademark Hitchcock. One of those films that you’ve heard people talk about, but never had the opportunity of seeing? Now’s your chance. Just don’t expect a peaceful sleep¬†afterwards.¬†

Saturday 17:25 GMT:¬†With the release of Jurassic World growing ever closer, see where it all began with the ground-breaking, timeless classic that is ‘Jurassic Park’ on ITV2. The iconic action film for all ages, this is one simply not to be missed. Hold onto your butts. ¬†


This is our favourite part of the¬†WatchThisSpace¬†section. We delve into our own DVD collection and pick out some amazing films, that may not instantly spring to mind when you‚Äôre stuck for inspiration to make your movie night a success. Maybe you‚Äôve never seen a film that we pick ‚Äď or even heard of them for that matter ‚Äď but you‚Äôre gonna have to trust us on this one, and¬†Dig It Out.

A Beautiful Mind: There was sad news last week when mathematician John Nash and his wife were tragically killed in a car crash. Celebrate his life in this truly incredible film with Russell Crowe portraying the genius with an Oscar winning performance. Dig out this wonderful film that chronicles the life of a truly wonderful and inspirational individual. 

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: Following Sweden’s victory at this year’s Eurovision ‘singing’ competition, we recommend watching one of the country’s more notable exports, aside from flat-pack furniture of course. The original Swedish adaptations of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series of books are astounding.¬†This is a¬†brilliant beginning to a wonderfully gritty and violent crime trilogy. Make sure you watch the original Swedish version though, as it is infinitely better than the later Hollywood effort starring Daniel Craig.

Fish Tank:¬†Last week we were treated to a teaser trailer for the upcoming biopic ‘Steve Jobs’, starring Michael Fassbender. Now, we urge you to travel back to the start of this wonderful actor’s career and check out the provocative, British flick about that fine line between adolescence and the scary world of adulthood.

Pulp Fiction: Cannes, the biggest event in the film festival calendar, has come to an end. This time, the coveted Palme D’or prize went to Jacques Audiard for ‘Dheepan’. A great film no doubt, but will there ever be a better winner than Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 effort?

¬†This week’s WatchThisSpace was compiled by Jakob Lewis Barnes and Nick Deal

The Incredibles 2 Is Coming

Director Brad Bird has all but confirmed that a sequel to our favourite superhero family will be his next project. It is approaching 11 years since the first film, but when asked about the chances of a follow up, Bird replied “it feels like it to me, yeah”. It would appear that these plans have been in place from the moment ‘The Incredibles’ was first spawned, with the man behind it all mentioning pages of ideas that he wasn’t able to use the first time around.

After ‘Tomorrowland’ and ‘The Incredibles 2’, we could see Brad Bird joining the illustrious world of ‘Star Wars’, after he confirmed he has been chatting with people at LucasFilm (as you do).¬†

Written by Jakob Lewis Barnes