Is Unlocked 2017’s Jason Bourne?

Noomi Rapace (‘Prometheus’ and ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’) plays Alice Racine; a headbutting, dual pistol wielding CIA agent caught up in a terrorist deception that puts London in imminent danger of a biological attack. Together with Orlando Bloom and his lusciously conditioned hair, they endeavour to save the day in a very high-octane espionage thriller sort of way.

Noomi Rapace shows great promise and seems to be an excellent casting decision. Whereas although in the trailer Orlando Bloom appears to be at a brooding personal best, I am yet to be one hundred percent sold by his performances in previous films – I am looking forward to eating my words. 

Michael Apted’s (‘The Chronicals of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ and the Bond film ‘The World is Not Enough’) ‘Unlocked’ looks like it could be this year’s ‘Jason Bourne’, perhaps with the absence of tremendous expectations and hopefully without the deniable disappointment. With a fantastic lead in Noomi Rapace and a great supporting cast of absolute pros including (but not limited to) John Malkovich and Michael Douglas, cinemagoers should feel a level of unwavering reassurance. 

The screenplay is written by Peter O’Brien who makes his feature length writing debut. In 2010 O’Brien was on the writing team that brought video gamers ‘Halo: Reach’, which makes this spy thriller even more intriguing and one to write in the calendar.

‘Unlocked’ takes to UK cinemas on 5th May.

Written by Mark Putley